Live Easy with a Personal Logistics Manager
Personal Household & Project Manager: Oversight & Coordination for Your Home

I make your life easier by doing tasks you don't want to do and managing your home projects.

Having lived, owned and managed a home, owned and managed an Art Gallery, assisted with local businesses' office needs, worked with local non-profits, and provided property check services on Sanibel for over 20 years, I know how difficult it can be to find mature, reliable and responsible help.

Let's talk about what you need, what you'd like to see happen. I will put together a plan that works for you and then, most importantly, I will see that all aspects of your plan are accomplished in a timely and professional manner.
Dorothy Wallace Personal Logistics Manager of Live Easy
Dorothy Wallace
Beneficial Services
Examples of my offerings:

Manage home improvement projects and renovations, repairs, maintenance, major deliveries and oversee access to premises: I know a great number of local vendors and am happy to work with everyone to assure the work is accomplished on time and at the professional level you expect. My close hand's-on management reduces your stress, since I am the contact point for work in process. Service includes daily inspections of work in progress, communication with vendor, and status reports to you: complete project management from start to finish.

Coordinate Your Move/Downsizing: Moving to a new place, deciding what to take, working with movers, packing, and all the details of such an endeavor are daunting. Let's plan your move. Then I will manage the details.

House/Condo periodic check and advisement: I check your premises on a pre-determined schedule for leaks, A/C functioning, general maintenance needs and advise status. If action is needed, I manage the work as you direct.

Household organization: kitchen, closets, garage, paper, and more. I love to organize! Tell me what you want to accomplish and I will organize.

Errands: food shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, general assist. Is there something you need and just don't want to go get? I will do that for you.

Deliveries: Need something to get somewhere? I will take it for you.

Mail pick-up while on vacation: review your mail and notify you if desired: let me pick up your mail, open and review it, contact you with the contents and proceed with actions if you desire and at your direction. Don't return to a stack of mail you have to deal with just when you are unwinding from your vacation.
Live Easy Logistical Services on Sanibel and Captiva
I am mature, professional, resourceful, have a varied business background, and know Sanibel and Captiva from one end to the other. I have grown up with these islands; I love them and want to help our residents live stress-free and with the premium support they need.
Simplify Your Life

What is the cost?
That depends. My goal is to provide something that is valuable to you. To that end, the prices vary depending on what you request. Some requests take more management and will cost a bit more. Some can be done quickly and without interaction with other vendors and will cost less. Talk with me. Discuss what you are envisioning. See how I can help. I know you will find my services very beneficial and I know you will find the cost reasonable.
Contact: Dorothy Wallace ~ Island Resident
(Insured & Bonded)

Cell: 239-222-1005
or ask your vendor to contact me directly.
Live Easy Personal Logistical Services on Sanibel and Captiva

Do not be afraid to leave a voicemail. I will definitely return your call. If I am on the job, I won't be answering calls immediately, but you will hear from me before the end of day. Give me a try. You will be more than just pleased that you did.

~ ~ On top of it as usual. If you ever need a referral please use me. Thanks!
   L.P., Sanibel

~ ~ I hired cleaners and oversaw home repairs over a 2 month period.
This client reported: "It is so much more than just having your own household assistant. They really give you time. Dorothy is extremely detail oriented and follows through on a project of any size until the very end."
   M.R., Sanibel

~ ~ I recently completed a whole house move: packing, donations, movers, cleaners, carpet cleaning, minor repairs and working directly with the owner, to accomplish the entire task in a very short 2 week time frame.
Here is the owner's comment: "Dorothy, you've been wonderful and I will happily recommend you if you ever have a need."
   H.P., Fort Myers

~ ~ I perform periodic house checks when this client is away, plus coordiate deliveries, cleaning, check on maintenance/repairs as they are in process, etc.
The owner says: "Owning a vacation home 1500 miles from our primary residence has at times been challenging. Between packages left out in the rain; having the car battery die; toilets running or refrigerator doors being left open by unobservant guests; to blind and shutter installation, painters, and wiring; Dorothy Wallace has practically become a family member. Honest, trustworthy, and entirely competent, I don't know how we ever managed without her."
   B.M., Sanibel & NY
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Live Easy with a Personal Logistics Manager
Live Easy with a Personal Logistics Manager
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